Professor Kristie J. Koski


Dr. Kristie J. Koski (Kaw ski) is originally from Powell Wyoming, a hotbed of cowboy culture, where the cows outnumber the people 3:1 and the trucks are outfitted with battering rams, gun racks, and carbon-fiber winches. She graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2002 with a B.S. in Physics and a second B.S. in Chemistry. Koski moseyed out West attending graduate school at the University of California: Berkeley in Physical Chemistry where she worked in the Alivisatos group on materials far too tiny to see. After a brief stint as a postdoc at Arizona State University measuring mechanical properties of spider silk, Dr. Koski worked as a postdoc at Stanford University in Materials Science and Engineering with Dr. Yi Cui. She started as an Assistant Professor at Brown University in July 2013, and moved to UC Davis July 2016. Professor Koski is an adrenaline junky known for epic adventures: climbing big walls, surfing 20 foot waves, destroying expensive kayaks, and driving her over-powered muscle car way too fast.

"Happiness is for the brave. Live Furiously."

Some of Koski's more interesting feats are:

(i) Surfing a 22ft wave
(ii) Medalling in almost every surf kayaking contest competed in (even as contest fodder)
(iii) Climbed Devil’s Tower
(iv) Rappelled off Piton’s Perch
(v) Rescued by the Maverick’s tow-in crew during Maverick’s XXL
(vi) Kayaked the Scottish Hebrides and the Hawaiian Na Pali Coast
(vii) Climbed a 5.10 during a blizzard
(viii) Wrecked a mountain bike on the Turtle Rock Trail
(ix) Backpacked the Grand Canyon
(x) Windsurfed the Caribbean
(xi) Smashed a Mega Trident kayak into the cliffs at Steamer Lane